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Dave Leggett | 14 January 2008

I knew Land Rover was in profit and Jaguar was still losing money, but I didn't have very much idea on the levels of those two things, the numbers not being broken out in published accounts and the things you hear on the grapevine being a bit sketchy.

We've a news item today that reveals some actual figures and I don't think you can see them anywhere else. Can't say where they come from and there can be no byline on the story either, but it's good to see that losses at Jaguar have apparently shrunk that much. And good old Landy is apparently well in the black.

With the XF boost still to come and both Jag and LR presenting room for improvement all round, J-LR doesn't look like a bad buy at all for Mr Tata.

That's perhaps a convenient story to quietly get out to the media if you're flogging those assets isn't it?

But Tata will obviously uncover the numbers, too, in their due diligence prior to handing over the wonga. And to be fair, the story came to us from a top journalistic source, along with explanation, so I'd trust the numbers - we wouldn't have published otherwise.  

EXCLUSIVE: US: Jaguar-Land Rover in profit


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