Blog: Dave LeggettIt's not a crock, after all

Dave Leggett | 12 March 2008

I guess Rick Wagoner has had plenty of time to compose his answer for when the inevitable question came up about Bob Lutz's recent outspoken remarks on global warming. And it was a very good answer, actually. 

As for Mr Lutz, the rough with the smooth and the straight talking is maybe a part of the charm, though he could perhaps be advised to try and not put his foot in it when talking to the media, if at all possible, or at least avoid saying things that potentially undermine company objectives.

There again, I don't suppose he'd take much notice. The guy had his 76th birthday last month. Got to admire the fact that he is still at the sharp end of the business.  

US: Wagoner dismisses Lutz's climate change 'crock' remark


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