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Dave Leggett | 20 June 2008

Okay, the smart camera fitted to your car that reads road signs and displays the speed limit on the dashboard is certainly impressive sounding. But aren't most people well aware of the speed limit most of the time anyway, and also that there's a solid line in the middle of the road that means no overtaking? Do we really want reminding? How foolproof is it? What if there's an error? ('My readout said I was in a 50 limit area not a 30 officer - look for yourself, there it is on the dash.') And how big a step is it to the car intervening to slow you down if you are exceeding the speed limit?  

It's clever sounding, but how many customers would coo excitedly over such a feature? And in an already information rich cabin environment, is it really necessary?

GERMANY: New GM car can 'read' road signs


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