Blog: Dave LeggettItalian Ambassador upsets Kiwis

Dave Leggett | 21 May 2003

I actually read a daily newspaper yesterday - something that's becoming a rarity these days as I am well versed in skimming the web and looking at online editions of things like the Financial Times. But when you find yourself on a train, a newspaper is a lot more user friendly than a laptop in my experience. There was an amusing story in The Times about the outgoing Italian Ambassador to New Zealand lambasting Kiwi driving culture. He's clearly itching to get back to Italy where he can drive with less restrained Latin flair. Dr Roberto Palmieri was clocked doing 130km/h (speed limit is 100km/h) and has been convicted of dangerous driving down there (but did not have to pay his fines due to having diplomatic immunity).

In a farewell outburst, Dr Palmieri said that New Zealand was a small, Anglo-Saxon country where people tended to be too politically correct and told tales. “New Zealand drivers are very, very bad drivers, and also very dangerous because they don’t think all the time,” Dr Palmieri said. “The driving here is very regulated, but you drive erratically.”

Must find out what our resident Kiwi Mr R makes of that!


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