Blog: Glenn BrooksIs SAIC planning an MG SUV?

Glenn Brooks | 6 June 2011

And just to confuse matters further, this little car

And just to confuse matters further, this little car's UK market name is expected to be MG 3 Saloon

The MG importer for Chile has just added another model to its range. It already sells the MG 750 (the Chinese market's Roewe 750) and MG 550 (Roewe 550) but the launch of the smaller MG 350 is, so far as I am aware, the first time the Roewe 350 has been exported with MG badges.

It does seem as though SAIC's plans for the MG brand are now starting to become more concrete: keep Roewe as an upscale brand for China and steadily expand MG's range in foreign markets, using whichever Roewe or MG models seem appropriate. Might we even see a body-on-frame MG 4x4? The Roewe W5, a restyled SsangYong Kyron, appeared in pre-production form at the Shanghai motor show in April. Hopefully SAIC will think carefully before switching the badges on that one.


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