Blog: Glenn BrooksIs Mazda quietly developing the shelved 16X rotary engine?

Glenn Brooks | 20 August 2013

A report out of the US, supposedly from a 'Mazda Insider' speaking at the recent Monterey Weekend, claims that a new rotary engined model is just two years from launch.

A successor for the RX-8 had at one time been expected to share the rear-wheel drive 'S' architecture which will underpin the next MX-5 and Alfa Romeo Duetto twins. Mazda built its last RX-8 and therefore final rotary engine in June 2012 but stated in a media release that it would continue developing the technology.

If the 16X engine can offer improved fuel consumption, as well as more torque and fewer emissions than the RX-8's Renesis rotary, Mazda could well have a winning product on its hands. That is of course, presuming that the rumours of the project's revival are true. Perhaps we shall see a concept at November's Tokyo motor show.


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