Blog: Dave LeggettIraqi forces' pickups

Dave Leggett | 7 April 2003

BRG Townsend newsletter today: 'We have also noted in the coverage [of the war] that the equivalent of an American Humvee is a pickup truck for Iraqi soldiers. There’s no way to know for sure which is their favorite, but we are seeing quite a few Nissan pickup trucks. Ironically, pickup trucks have not been on the State Department’s list of dual-use items and they have obviously been imported without restriction.'

Just by way of follow-up, on the BBC TV news last night, a reporter said that the Iraqis recently imported - from South-East Asia - a thousand pickups under the UN's 'oil for food' programme and intended for civilian applications. The report said that on importation they were immediately modified - with some body armour added and guns fixed to the flat bed - and earmarked for non-conventional military operations. Nissan pickups certainly seem to be much in evidence in the news reports I've seen - Nissan Big M pickups, made in Thailand, perhaps.


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