Blog: Dave LeggettIran's auto industry

Dave Leggett | 27 April 2004

I've been invited by the SMMT along to another trade mission to Iran (I went along last year) in July. My schedule around that time means that I can't go, although I'm told there is plenty of interest from UK firms looking to expand their business there. Iran's automotive industry is continuing to progress in line with plans and targets - vehicle production this year is heading for the one million vehicle mark and I'm hoping to receive a detailed breakdown of the production numbers for the year just gone soon.

Anyone interested in the upcoming SMMT trade mission, or any other aspects of the Iranian automotive industry scene, should contact Les Parfitt at the SMMT. Les is a very friendly chap and very approachable. His contact details:

Les Parfitt
Manager, International
The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders Ltd
Tel: +44(0)20 7344 9233  Fax: +44(0)20 7344 1675



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