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Dave Leggett | 3 July 2003

I took a trip around Iran Khodro's immense car manufacturing facility today. They're turning out a lot of vehicles - 400K pa - and can't make them fast enough. They have been working with Peugeot as technology partner - 206, 405.

But they're determined to develop their own products and have amassed an impressive design and engineering capability of their own. The RD model for example, takes Paykan (Hillman Hunter) underpinnings and puts a 405 bodyshell on top. The Samand model though, is truly impressive. Iran Khodro has developed the car itself. It's on a 405 platform, but the company worked with design and engineering consultancies abroad - Iranians sat next to foreign engineers, so they learn. The Samand is the result and it is a decent quality car.

Now they have a big building for their own R & D and product development. It was also pointed out to me by a fellow independent observer, that the company has come on leaps and bounds in the past two years.

There's a meeting this afternoon with presentations at the Tehran fair.

Check the news tomorrow for an exclusive item.


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