Blog: Glenn BrooksIran Khodro says it's talking to Renault. Does the US know?

Glenn Brooks | 15 August 2012

IKCO says it is holding talks with Renault for production of new models. After the volley of sanctions-busting accusations which recently rained down on PSA, is Renault next in line for the attentions of the US government?

I'm not sure that this blog is the right place for discussing the rights and wrongs of US and EU sanctions on the thugocracy which rules the long-suffering Iranian people. So I'm merely going to point out that Iran Khodro has also just announced some new models, each of which use Renault technology.

If you think you've seen the Tondar90 pick-up before, you're right. It's closely related to the Dacia/Renault Pickup, or if you're reading this in southern Africa, the Nissan NP200 bakkie.


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