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Dave Leggett | 6 July 2006

Interesting interview we have with Fiat Auto's brand man, Luca De Meo. Chris Wright conducted it over lunch and the Fiat man was pretty talkative and to the point and refreshingly prepared to admit to past mistakes.

I am trying to get a few interviews lined up for the London Motor Show on the press day (18th July). I have Frederik Arp of Volvo (he's the CEO) confirmed (Volvo's UK PR people proving highly efficient) and several others in the pipeline. Rick Wagoner will be in town and that's one that I would certainly like to do. Fingers crossed that he can fit me in somewhere.

If past shows are a guide I could also find myself on the other side of the fence being interviewed by TV people. BBC and CNN have been on to me this week, but logistics issues meant I couldn't be in the studio at the right time.

Curiously enough, the last TV interview I did was on Saturday for German TV station ZDF. They wanted a reaction from some of those assembled at the Pope's Grotto pub in Twickenham to the defeat of the England football team that we had just witnessed on TV. It was a bizarre and slightly surreal moment, to say the least. I wonder if 'gutted' translates well into German.  

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Fiat's Luca De Meo


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