Blog: Dave LeggettInterview with Tesla

Dave Leggett | 27 March 2008

The Tesla Roadster is a plug-in electric car I wouldn't mind getting behind the wheel of. It promises quite a bit in terms of performance and it's green, too (assuming what comes out of the electric plug socket is greener than burning fossil fuels in your on-board ICE that is) . How will Tesla do this year? It will be a crucial year for the company with its pioneering Roadster. If that goes down well, higher volume models are in prospect down the line. Or maybe someone out there will just buy the company (an IPO is probably out of the frame for the moment due to market conditions).

For a bit more on Tesla, you can read an interview I did with the production engineer there, Mac Powell. It first appeared in proActive - Lotus Engineering's newsletter that we do for them. That publication is free to access - you just have to register and then you can download it as a nice neat pdf.

The full Tesla interview is also available to just-auto members today by following the below link.

Who did I interview for the upcoming proActive issue that will be available shortly? Victor Nacif at Nissan Design America. Interesting fellow.

Q&A with Tesla's 'Car Guy'


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