Blog: Dave LeggettInterested in Russia?

Dave Leggett | 12 July 2004

Are you interested in Russia and the opportunities for the auto industry there? It’s been a pretty risky place of course and there are still some sizeable risks, but the auto market seems to be on a growth path. We’ve tied up with the UK’s auto industry trade association, SMMT, to offer a report that takes a look at Russia’s auto industry -  ‘Russia’s automotive industry – opportunities for UK-based companies’.

Don’t be put off by the reference to UK companies in the report title. The opportunities are the same, wherever you are from. SMMT commissioned this with a brief to help UK companies, but then felt that the report had a broader relevance and that distributing exclusively through just-auto wouldn't be a bad idea. The report includes a nice summary of the Russian OEMs and supplier industry, complete with company summaries; there’s also a good look at the aftermarket there. Click below to see some details.

Russia Report


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