Blog: Dave LeggettInterest rates to come down?

Dave Leggett | 5 October 2007

Had an interesting chat on the blower with Pete Kelly, an analyst at JD Power Automotive Forecasting, earlier. Sounds like the short-term outlook for the European car market is clouded by more uncertainties than usual. The full impact of the so-called credit crunch on the real economy has yet to be determined, but the authorities' response will also be crucial. If it looks like the European economy is slowing fast, interest rates might come down substantially and soon in order to compensate and provide some support.

There's an article up on just-auto, but you might like to listen to the audio clip, too. Pete had quite a bit to say about prospects for the depressed German car market, also, which is subject to a bit of uncertainty concerning the regulatory environment. 

UK: West European car sales down 1.9% in September – JD Power [includes audio clip]


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