Blog: Dave LeggettInnovation/reliability trade-off

Dave Leggett | 2 December 2003

That consumer satisfaction survey of German ADAC members makes uncomfortable reading for the German carmakers in particular. It seems that a Toyota may be 'boring' but consumers value its reliability. In terms of manufacturer rankings, Mercedes-Benz came in at an astonishingly low number 32.

Dr Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, who managed the survey, has said the emphasis German companies like Mercedes place on innovation comes at the expense of production quality. "Every technical innovation increases the risk of a break-down," he has reportedly said. "In this respect, Toyota is more conservative, which may not be good for its image, but is very beneficial in terms of reliability."

VW CEO Dr. Bernd Pischetsrieder admitted to AutoBILD that "in technical terms, Toyota is better then us. But not just us."

Food for thought.


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