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Dave Leggett | 17 March 2009

I have just been on the phone with Mark Bursa who has produced a Tata Nano update feature for us. As is usual with the Coolbear, he sent over some photographs to accompany the piece. He's a pretty keen photographer and often sends us pics he's taken himself. This time around, he sent some pics in from a mix of sources.

To cut a long story short, some were copyright free, 'official' and for third party media use, and some were not. We had to dump a couple that he'd found that we don't have permission on and getting it is something we just don't have time for, assuming we can even trace the original source (we err on the side of caution with such things). That's a slight pity because there's a corker of an image of a Tata Nano effigy being burnt at a protest at the controversial Singur plant. 

But, I thought, I can still put a link in here and you can see it for yourself on another website (below link). Some care looks to have been taken on the construction of the Nano model and we wonder whether the model's creator felt mixed emotions on seeing his creation's inflamatory demise...

Nano effigy burning (scroll down)

Mark's Nano feature


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