Blog: Dave LeggettIndia trip

Dave Leggett | 7 January 2004

I've got my visa for next week's India trip now. Bit of a fuss to get it (letters, references etc) but I guess they need reassurance that I'm not going to do a runner and opt for a better life as a beggar on the streets of Delhi. I've been reading a little about India's ethnic and religious diversity, its history and its culture. Interesting place to put it mildly. One potentially confusing aspect of modern India is the post-colonial renaming of street and place names. Bombay is now Mumbai although 'formerly Bombay' often follows in parenthesis. But did you know that Calcutta (as in the 'black hole of..') is now Kolkata? Or that Madras has become Chennai?

Just got off the phone with Global Insight's Ashvin Chotai - he manages their Asian automotive research - and I should be meeting up with him in Delhi next week. He knows the Indian auto industry and market very well, so I'm looking forward to hearing his latest thoughts.


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