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Dave Leggett | 13 June 2006

I haven't been to India for a while, though I may get the chance to visit in the autumn if an iron in the fire comes off. It strikes me that the emerging markets focus at the moment is still very much on China, with Europeans also heavily focussed on developments in central and eastern Europe right now (there's a certain immediacy). But India is still an enormous opportunity and still enjoying rapid economic growth and an annual passenger car market of over a million units. And there's also an automotive manufacturing boom going on.

We've just published a members' briefing, researched and written by Deepesh Rathore and Tilak Swarup, giving a useful update on the latest developments in India. There's data too. Follow the below link for more details. You will have to be a just-auto member to download the report though.

Management briefings


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