Blog: Dave LeggettIndia politics latest – maybe not so bad after all

Dave Leggett | 19 May 2004

In the news today came the shock announcement from India that Italian-born Sonia Gandhi has decided not to become Indian PM (although she will remain head of the election-winning Congress Party). From our man in New Delhi, Deepesh Rathore, the latest on the changing political winds this week:

‘Manmohan Singh is going to be India's next Prime Minister and the Communist parties will only support the government from outside and not actively participate in it. This is very significant as Manmohan Singh was the Indian finance minister during 1991-96 and it was he who started the liberalisation process in India. His becoming the Prime Minister is perhaps the best thing for Indian economic reforms and industrial growth. So the Indian growth story is still intact and is actually looking brighter than before.’


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