Blog: Dave LeggettIndia AutoExpo 2004

Dave Leggett | 6 November 2003

It's been a day of interruptions and lengthy telephone calls. There are a lot of people writing for and working with just-auto these days and I seem to have to speak to all of them at some time or other. But some days the calls and e-mails just keep on coming. The last call, with Les Parfitt of SMMT, was to discuss ways in which I can participate in the SMMT's trade mission to India in January to coincide with AutoExpo in Delhi. I think I've worked out a way to make it fly and India's definitely a market I want to get closer to. It's developing fast, in automotive components supply as well as at vehicle manufacturer level and hopefully I can get in front of some key players at the show and make some sense of it. Could be a fruitful trip. And I do appreciate a good 'Rube' (Ruby Murray - curry).


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