Blog: Dave LeggettIn the end...

Dave Leggett | 6 October 2003

...there can be only one, said the French actor Christopher Lambert in the movie 'Highlander'. The phrase came to mind when hearing of Carlos Ghosn's comments in the French press lately. He doesn't want anyone interfering and that seems fair enough if you have a radical-ish agenda in mind. I would imagine that 2005 will be an interesting year for Renault and Nissan, with the new boss of both companies shaking things up a bit (whatever he says now to reassure some nervous souls).


Colossal China powers on

I'm starting to get a small idea of the scale of things here in China, but really, I'm only scratching the surface of this vast country....


China Hot Pot

Given the startling complexity of obtaining a journalist visa for China - the code 'J2' is now indelibly stamped on my mind - it was with some surprise how swiftly I managed to sail through airport im...

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