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Dave Leggett | 7 February 2006

I must confess I don't really understand why many people feel the need to carry around a library of three gazillion songs and one gazillion photos around with them. Would have perhaps been good in my student days (it was vinyl and tapes back then) when I was based all over the place, but it's slight overkill in my book. I can get through the day without access to such a huge back catalogue.

Don't get me wrong though - portable digital devices definitely have their place. Yes, I do have a small MP3 player and it can be a fun thing to resort to, say, on a long train journey. Helps to keep one amused.

The investment in my equipment was small (in terms of both initial cash outlay and time spent loading files on to it) so if I lose it - not exactly an impossible scenario - it really won't be the end of the world.

It has ample memory capacity for my modest needs and there is a USB thingy for connecting to PCs and it is very, very easy to put files on to it. A lot of people must have these things now and it would be quite handy to be able to connect it to an in-car entertainment system with a USB port, I must say. Would be very useful when driving a hire car also. Messing about with stacks of CDs is a pain or just a plain non-starter.

Plugging the magic music player into a USB port in the glovebox is one thing I noticed that Fiat and Microsoft's 'Blue&Me' would actually allow me to do (below link).

Strange that the world of in-car entertainment seems to lag though. Until recently, many new cars sold here still came equipped with only a radio and tape player as standard - you had to pay extra to be able to play CDs for goodness sake.

ITALY: Fiat and Microsoft to launch ‘Blue&Me'


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