Blog: Dave LeggettImportant meeting, great venue

Dave Leggett | 16 October 2003

I'm off to London this evening to meet up with an industry contact. These informal off-the-record meetings can be very enlightening all round. You never know what the grapevine will reveal and I am not one to turn down a meeting in agreeable surroundings - we'll be meeting in a London pub. I just hope the civilised chat and mulling of weighty industry matters doesn't degenerate into drinking games. Last time I met up with this guy and some of his mates, I ended up decidedly the worse for wear. I'm just too old for that sort of thing these days, especially on a school night.

I was suggesting the venue to this chap - who must remain anonymous I'm afraid - earlier today and a google search for address and directions etc threw up this wonderful pic (click below link). The pub survived both the London blitz during the war and 1960s redevelopment. It now sits incongruously amongst the concrete and glass of the surrounding office buildings like a steadfast and welcoming oasis. I can taste the beer already.


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