Blog: Dave LeggettImportance of punctuation

Dave Leggett | 19 September 2009

Newsreaders will just read out what is on the autocue, right? Maybe, but maybe it's not the easiest job in the world. This clip from the BBC is a little amusing (obviously the lead item concerned is far from). There is supposed to be a full-stop (ie period) and pause before matey boy launches into the lead news item. Unfortunately, the full-stop is missing on the autocue and, therefore, he introduces himself and then seamlessly kind of implies that it is he who has been kept in a dungeon for years and forced to have children.

Good of his colleague at the Beeb to make sure it's on YouTube and it's clearly a very popular clip at 800,000+ views. I heard about it from Private Eye, which I personally subscribe to and find helps to keep me halfway sane in an increasingly insane world. 


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