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Dave Leggett | 15 May 2006

It is good to hear that the Land Rover Defender still has a decent market out there and is worth a little investment to keep it on. The current successor to the Series 1, which debuted in 1948, is about no-nonsense practicality - even if it does lag in some areas. Back in its early days it was a true pioneer. It still stands out from the SUV crowd and looks fantastic; a classic. And no Chelsea tractor this one.

But what about this for a statistic to raise the eyebrows: at one time, LR says, for a full 60% of the world's population, a Land Rover was the first motorised vehicle they had seen. Crikey. Top marks to whoever dug that one up.

And LR has supplied us with a pic of a cigar wielding Winston Churchill next to a Series 1. Endorsements just don't get much better than that. Article link (and the utterly fab pic) is below.

UK: Land Rover upgrades Defender for 2007


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