Blog: Dave LeggettIllinois fast lane law

Dave Leggett | 6 August 2003

From the Will They Really Enforce It? department. According to the Chicago Tribune, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has signed a new law that says drivers on interstate highways will only be allowed to use the left lane under specific conditions, such as when the driver is passing other vehicles, no other car is directly behind or when traffic conditions and congestion make it impractical to switch to the right lane. Left-lane driving would also be allowed when there are obstructions in the right lane, when inclement weather makes it necessary or when one is exiting the highway from the left lane.

"The left lane is for passing," Blagojevich said. "If you want to drive a consistent rate and you're not actually passing, you should be in the other two lanes."
Blagojevich conceded he was worried the law might encourage speeding on expressways, but he said studies show the law makes interstates safer.

"This will help curtail road rage," the senator who sponsored the bill said. "I've seen plenty of cases in which people in the left-hand lane either caused an accident or almost caused an accident."

Reminds me of a great Gary Larson cartoon. A scene in hell, various sinners arranged by category. One offence: Driving Slow in the Fast Lane.
Graeme Roberts


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