Blog: Dave LeggettI was right

Dave Leggett | 29 January 2004

Yes, we got our snow in the end. There wasn't much, but as I predicted earlier this week, chaos duly followed. Roads not gritted, schools shut today, lots of accidents, gridlock in places and so on. There was a snowstorm yesterday evening which dumped maybe 3cm of snow pretty quickly and then the worst thing happened. It started to thaw a little and then we got a very hard frost, so conditions on the roads were pretty treacherous this morning with packed snow and ice. And we're not used to it, so people drive too fast, spin their wheels in the wrong gear and so on. A regular journey becomes an exercise in concentration because people do unexpected things like stopping suddenly in the carriageway to clear their windscreens. I've thrown some snowballs of course, but now I think I would quite like the snow to go. The novelty has worn off. And for one day of the year, I would quite like to have a 4x4 at my disposal.


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