Blog: Dave Leggett'I think we may have overcooked it a tad on the portside ballast tank..'

Dave Leggett | 31 July 2006

I know that it's no laughing matter and they certainly won't be chortling away at the insurance company that takes a hit here. The picture with the below news item suggests that the practice of 'securely fastening' cars on ocean-going car transporters may have got quite a test in this instance. How many of the cars have been damaged? I think the fastening is designed to withstand rough sea conditions, not a near 90-degree list. The shiny new Mazdas will almost certainly be piled up in ungainly heaps, damage done. You have to wonder how something like this happens these days. Maybe some vital bit of computer software or hardware failed, but I think we may have a case of a good old fashioned cock-up. The Captain may have a bit of explaining to do. 

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