Blog: Dave LeggettI, Robot and Audi

Dave Leggett | 12 February 2015

Interesting development today in the news from Audi. There's now a robot on the assembly line that works with the humans (so the robot is no longer firmly behind a fence doing, say, spot welding). It sounds like a pretty good innovation: no more bending for the workers on that particular task.

Hmm. Audi and mind jumped to make some connections between Audi and what was a pretty good film from not so long ago (well, eleven years ago now...) about a rogue robot in a future in which the humans have become dependent on humanoid robots for pretty much everything. Audi had a nice bit of brand placement in that movie with a very futuristic car. There was a good car chase with Will Smith at the wheel in a very cool and kinda prescient autonomous Audi car with manual over-ride. Well, a car chase in driverless mode wouldn't quite work would it?

Anyway, back in the real world, it's certainly an intriguing robot innovation from Audi. And I'm sure the future evolution of these things is all good and bright for humanity...isn't it?

GERMANY: Audi adds human-robot cooperation in manufacturing


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