Blog: Dave LeggettHyundai's labour dispute problems

Dave Leggett | 30 July 2003

Sounds like Hyundai Motor is involved in an increasingly damaging labour dispute. Inventory shortages have already forced it to halt production at plants in Russia, Egypt, Malaysia and Pakistan. Perhaps the government can bring the dispute to an end. The government's 'emergency mediation' option looks interesting, but there's always the danger that it stokes up even more resentment. Images of violent unrest in Korean car factories in the past are not at all pretty and Hyundai will be hoping that the situation diffuses quickly. Korean strikers - when suitably worked up - make boisterous French protesters (probably Europe's most aggressive) look like pussycats. Hyundai is on a bit of a roll lately, in spite of recession in South Korea. This dispute is a cloud on the horizon it can certainly do without.


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