Blog: Dave LeggettHyundai-Kia's explosive European growth

Dave Leggett | 11 April 2003

It may be growth from a low base, but among the statistics that stand out from the ACEA new car sales release for Europe in March is the performance of Hyundai-Kia. Kia takes the prize for the biggest year-on-year monthly gain for any make: +64.2% to 12,995 units. Hyundai was also strong in March at +21.7% to 28,052 units. Impressive stuff; cheap prices and long warranty are big pluses. But every time I see a Hyundai XG30 on the road, I wonder about the thought processes that went into buying it. I'd like a good go on the Hyundai ('Ferrari look-a-like') Coupe though. It must, surely, be better than the old S-coupe to drive.


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