Blog: Dave Leggett'Hyperloop transit'

Dave Leggett | 17 July 2013

Elon Musk certainly seems to know how to attract media attention. After Tesla's EV surge and SpaceX (and not forgetting solar rooftops), get ready for something called 'hyperloop transit'. It's a ground-based transport system involving magnetically levitated pods and vacuum tubes that would, the proponents claim, enable travel from LA to New York City in 45 minutes. 

Some well honed tweets from Elon Musk are teasing about an open source project reveal on August 12. This site - ET3 - talks more about the kind of concept he's looking at. Mr Musk certainly does not lack vision. I wouldn't easily dismiss someone with his track record for business acumen and execution on what, at first sight, look like very difficult projects.



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