Blog: Dave LeggettHummer for Europe

Dave Leggett | 14 March 2005

I’m afraid I’m in the sceptics’ corner when it comes to the issue of Cadillac breaking into Europe, even given the new models – like CTS - that are coming out. It’s a brand perception issue I think and there’s a strong case for saying that GM has better brands at its disposal for the European premium car market. But Hummer? What are they smoking in the Renaissance Centre these days? Perhaps Dutch-based Kroymans – the Hummer distributor for Europe - has sent over some good stuff recently. To many Europeans the Hummer is a complete non-starter, almost offensive in its profligate use of resources (reports say the H3 out next year, could get up to 20 mpg – how’s that for frugality?) and its obvious military associations. And then there is the simple fact that it is uncomfortably wide for European roads. Are there enough wealthy hip-hop stars in Britain and Germany for it?

Hum-mer coming


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