Blog: Dave LeggettHow we doin' in Yulin?

Dave Leggett | 16 November 2011

There are signs of slowdown in China's economy and vehicle market lately. Exactly how this unfolds over the next six months and how the industry responds will be interesting to keep an eye on. 

ANALYSIS: Risk of overcapacity looms in China

I have just come across this interesting article which gives us a little granularity on sales at the premium end of the car market in China. The emphasis is shifting to looking for sales growth in China's smaller cities - so-called tier 2 and tier 3 cities (it's all relative, these 'more obscure' inland cities usually boast populations several million strong).

If I were a car company boss, I'd be minded to consult a map of China and then ask those responsible for my company's sales in China the simple question: how we doin' in Yulin?

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