Blog: Glenn BrooksHow many volks does it take to build a motor show stand?

Glenn Brooks | 2 September 2011

The outlook for Frankfurt: cloudy

The outlook for Frankfurt: cloudy

It would seem that Volkswagen is fairly keen to place a dominant stamp on the 2011 Frankfurt IAA. For we journalists, this biennial motor show for passenger vehicles is always an exhausting experience, due to the vast size of the place, not to mention the two days solid of press conferences. But we suffer gladly, as observing and reporting on this industry is a labour of love for so many of us.

VW recently released the first image of how its giant stand will look by the time that the doors open for the first media day on 13 September. The company boasts that its nearly 9,000 square metre space will hold 54 cars. Somewhere in there will be a '30-metre Innovation Wall'. Removing the spin, that means a giant tablet PC where information about various cars will be displayed.

Not yet impressed? How about this: around 2,100 lamps and roughly 80 kilometres of cabling is being installed, while those 1,000 tradesfolk will have been working around the clock for 25 days by the time the first journalist arrives. Or how about the 150,000 catalogues and flyers which VW estimates it will give away over the course of the public days?

Let's allow Volkswagen's press release, which is replete with many more wonder-inducing statistics, to have the final say: "...roughly 10 pallets of give-aways are ready and waiting for the visitors. There will be plenty of replenishments, too: A further five deliveries, each with 7.5 tons of material, are already scheduled."


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