Blog: Dave LeggettHow do you want your car to sound?

Dave Leggett | 14 July 2004

Someone sent me a link to John Battelle's blog - by the sound of things he's an IT specialist and he's a visiting professor at the University of California at Berkeley. Some interesting thoughts in the below article - he interviewed GM's Tony Scott. What sound would you like your car to make? What driving experience do you want? In the future, maybe you'll be able to download something to your fuel-cell platform. Yes, just download, like you would a cell phone ringtone. Not sure what I make of that idea, but then I'm quite keen on mechanical linkages and don't really feel terribly comfortable with X-by-wire. The idea of a chip deceiving me to give me an artificial driving experience? But if the experience is actually indistinguishable from the real thing does that matter? The Matrix...

There's an argument for the pub tonight.  

Battelle Blog


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