Blog: Dave LeggettHondas to drive

Dave Leggett | 27 February 2004

I'm off to drive some Honda cars today. I've got to make my way to The Woodlands Park Hotel near Cobham in Surrey and there will be a selection of models waiting for me to try out, including the Civic Type-R and S2000. I've driven the S2000 before and I liked it a lot. There are also some nice rural roads around Cobham, which is a part of the world I know quite well as I used to work there with Kevin Mann - the pair of us set up CSM's (Craig Cather's automotive market research company) European operation in 1996. Broadly speaking, Kev did the component database stuff and I put together the vehicle production forecast. Ah, fun days. You haven't lived until you've set up an office from scratch and ordered desks, chairs, meeting tables and paper clips etc.

Weather looks clement (cold but bright - outside chance of a snow shower). Should be fun. 


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