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Dave Leggett | 5 August 2003

A reader in the US tells us a friend in the biz confirms a pickup-style vehicle for Honda - his company is bidding on suspension components. If the American Honda boys do as good a job on that as they did with the Element SUV or, more to the point, Nissan seems to have done with its Titan full-size pickup and SUV spin-off, the Big Three should be afraid.

Our reader's friend also is "pretty sure" the Ford St. Louis (Missouri) plant will be closing as orders for parts for the mid-size SUVs are dropping and that's the buzz in the city. He tells us the mayor is trying to persuade Ford to give the plant a new product while the Detroit Free Press reports the Explorer-based Lincoln Aviator (which is built in St. Louis) will fly into the sunset in 2005 and production of the other mid-size SUVs will be shifted to other facilities.

We learned yesterday that Ford wants to axe 21,000 blue collar jobs anyway and can only hope most facing the axe are close to a good retirement package. Job losses - or their migration to cheap-labour developing nations - is the key economic issue Stateside right now and you can see why.
Graeme Roberts


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