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Dave Leggett | 1 April 2008

The term 'Reverse Raj' has been coined for the trend in Indian companies buying up assets in Britain. Tata is by no means alone in its increasingly expansive international strategy. Another family firm with deep reserves is Hinduja Group, which is in the news over reports that it is interested in taking a controlling interest in France's Valeo. Thierry Morin certainly has his hands full there, what with that story getting airplay and the Valeo politics involving Valeo shareholder Pardus.

Hang on 'Hinduja'...that names rings a far off bell. Back in 2001 British politician Peter Mandelson was eventually forced to resign after a passport enquiry blew up in his face. Mr Srichand Hinduja had had his British passport application refused but, just after paying GBP1m towards the ill-faited Millenium Dome (ta very much), he asked Mr Mandelson whether he could apply again. 'Mandy' made a few 'innocent inquiries' and it all got out in the press and didn't look too good. 



FRANCE: Valeo denies in stake sale talks with Hinduja


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