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Dave Leggett | 13 April 2007

The Hindi word for people sounds something like 'logon'. This would appear to confer something of an advantage for Mahindra/Renault with the Logan car in India. Not surprisingly, it's already becoming known as the "people's car" there.

We've just published an interview with Anand Mahindra that's well worth a read. Mark Bursa appears to have come over in a hot flush and had some sort of Bollywood moment, but he also uncovered some intriguing stuff on Mahindra's longer term strategy. Exports are at the heart of it. 

And what about this for an advertising slogan for a Mahindra SUV to be sold in the US: 'The guilt-free SUV'. Mr Mahindra believes that an anti-SUV backlash actually creates an opportunity for his SUVs and he's targetting gas-guzzling behemoths with squeaky clean hybrid and bio-fuel Mahindra offerings. They'll love him in Detroit.

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: Mahindra’s stylish bid for global recognition


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