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Simon Warburton | 13 August 2010

News reaches us from Switzerland - of all places - that a motorist has just been clocked on the autobahn travelling at - 186mph (300kmh) evading most speed cameras which couldn't register the car's swift progress.

Apparently the mode of transport in question was a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG - a rather fine motor car and which it's fair to say its owner probably hadn't driven quite that rapidly before on Swiss roads.

Quite what possessed the Swedish driver to press the accelerator that firmly has yet to be determined - has Sweden suddenly imposed draconian speed limits? Wouldn't a quick trot round the Arctic Circle roads - if there are any - suffice?

That 186mph is around the top speed of a French TGV train but that weighs many hundreds of tons, firmly pressing down on iron rails.

So when the Swede reached the Swiss autobahn limit of around 70mph, then doubled it, he clearly must have mused what it would be like to add a further 46mph on top.

We're obviously not condoning such reckless speeding - the motorist received a somewhat large £650,000 fine as a result - but, as a by the by, UK councils in their latest austerity wheeze, seem to be busy turning off speed cameras in a bid to slash budgets as some serious financial constraints start to bite.

It appears Oxfordshire - that bastion of middle England - has turned a large number of its speed cameras off - with a a swath of other councils reportedly ready to follow suit.

Will our intrepid Swede head to the UK with his Merc? The official data from Mercedes shows the SLS AMG to have an acceleration potential of 0-60 in 3.8 secs.

It doesn't even mention the top speed.


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