Blog: Dave LeggettHe's still moaning

Dave Leggett | 31 January 2005

Well it is Monday morning. I've just been into my e-mail Inbox and had to delete - literally - hundreds of worthless junk e-mails informing me that my new mortgage is ready to go, where I need to go for my drugs, that new and innovative photographic techniques involving sexual acts are available for my perusal and so on. It's a grey and drab Monday morning and e-mails with delightful subject titles such as 'married whores' and 'fat boy needs to talk to a woman' await my consideration. I get hundreds of these every single day. They are relentless. The problem with blocking them is that blocking is a crude tool and you can end up missing legitimate stuff. So they go into a special folder and I delete them after a quick eyeball on the subject titles. It takes a few minutes a day, but what a complete and utter pain in the a**e.

Incidentally, if you want to e-mail me in response to something that's in one of the newsletters that I send out, do not open my standard e-mail and simply hit the 'reply' button. If you do, I most likely will not see it as it will resemble a bounce-back (eg 'out of office') and be deleted. If you want me specifically: If it is more general: I try to reply to people who have taken the trouble to write, honest.


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