Blog: Dave LeggettHenderson daughter's rant on Facebook

Dave Leggett | 3 December 2009

I'm not sure exactly why this seems of interest - if genuine, it merely confirms what most of us suspected (we framed our coverage in terms of GM's Fritz Henderson being ousted by the board). Maybe it's the visceral nature of the rant, a family member just letting it all spew out. There's certainly an 'ooooh, look at that' factor - the use of swearing in a raw torrent of anger hugely contrasting with the bland corporate-PR tosh that gets issued publicly in such circumstances ('we all agreed' etc).

And there is also the social networking aspect and the realisation of how influential or 'newsworthy' material in places like Facebook can quickly become - and it's potentially very embarrassing when someone lobs a turd in a corporate area.

The posting was apparently removed by GM and I'd guess papa isn't all that happy about it, either. Mind you, at least his daughter showed a bit of passion in support of her father.

Anyway, before the GM moderators got to it, Jalopnik copied it for posterity. So, if you want to have a quick look at the expletive ridden rant, you can. I have noticed it's being reported all over the web now (one headline - 'In Your Facebook'). Sign o' the times. 



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