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Dave Leggett | 2 January 2004

Hello there! Happy New Year and all that. This is a nice time of the year of course, but this holiday seems to be going on for longer than usual (plus the weather here in England is awful - cold, but not cold enough for snow, and damp) and I've finally felt compelled to desist from watching Laurel and Hardy re-runs, delightful though they are, and post something in here. Actually - and I'm sorry if this strikes too melancholic or maudlin a note for some - I'll also just add my condolences to the people of Iran over the terrible tragedy that ocurred in Bam (I know there are many Iranians who use this website). Enough said.

Throughout the holidays I've been keeping an eye on the e-mail (I'm an important man after all) and I noticed a new newsletter on India's auto sector apparently produced by some local guys over there. Looks like a pretty decent effort. The newsletter appears to have been produced by an umbrella company called 'icwcontra'. Curious webbie person that I am, I tried to find out more about the publishing company. Google time. But no luck I'm afraid. They'll have to remain a mystery for now. But the web search did turn up an article that I found a good read. Good background for the Delhi trip that is rapidly approaching (if my visa ever arrives - but that's another story). Click on the link below to read it also. I like the writer's style. Lively and puts a bit of humour into it.

Right. Now I can get back to more pressing things - like more absurd antics from Stan and Ollie and avoiding being comprehensively beaten at chess by my nine-year old son yet again. Normal service resumes Monday.


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