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Dave Leggett | 16 March 2007

Take a load of journalists. Add a free bar and staff who circulate eagerly replenishing glasses wherever possible. Stage the whole thing at a swanky London restaurant with a nice function room and with plenty of pubs easily on hand for ‘afters’. And so it was that I found myself late last night telling anyone who cared to listen that I used to drink with the actor Richard 'Wild Geese' Harris in the ‘Coal Hole’ pub in London.

He lived in the Savoy Hotel and spent a lot of his time in the Coal Hole, where we were imbibing last night after a bit of a do at Simpson's-on-the-Strand.

A publisher that provides an online information resource (headlineauto) for British motoring journalists was having a party and there were plenty of colleagues on hand to engage in lively discussions with. And one of our number was also celebrating his inauguration yesterday into the Jaguar owner gents' club. His first used XJ6 (they depreciate like stink, so can be picked up ridiculously cheap) after a long procession of Beemers and Mercs just had to be marked by a few drinks too.

Payback time for my head now though. Bacon bap with HP Sauce is a priority. And I’m reeling from the news that HP Sauce (brown sauce, pic of Houses of Parliament on the label – about as British as you can get; we grow up with the stuff) production has been moved from Birmingham to somewhere in the Netherlands. The last British bottle of HP has been made, apparently. Heinz is a multinational corporation and has made a business decision.

There are echoes of Rover’s demise: initial shock, talk of protest and then, finally, resigned acceptance. Sad.

And will I boycott the product as a protest against the cold, calculating multinational that lacks a soul? Hmm. Maybe I should. But that would mean a bacon roll without HP. Right now that’s unthinkable. Just like Rover shutting up shop was, once.

Anyway (TGIF) of headlineauto's features is a useful press review that saves the hard-pressed journalist from having to plough through all the mags and newspapers. How's this extract from a British tabloid for utter weirdness...

"...Motoring made the news pages on Friday as well. The Sun led page 9 with the most bizarre story of the year so far – a man who has sex with cars. Apparently the 38-year-old mechanic has a recognised psychological condition that makes him physically attracted to motors. He also has his own website devoted to his bizarre fetish and claims there are 500 other cranks like him..."

Picture shows from left to right: Tony Willard (Freelance), Dave Leggett (Just-auto), Rob Golding (Freelance) and Richard Gotch (Market Engineering)


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