Blog: Dave LeggettHave to admire Bill Ford's honesty

Dave Leggett | 1 May 2009

Bill Ford has raised something that will cause some discomfort. What will it take to get people into smaller and more efficient cars? We can all happily make a list of course, but one of the most important factors is the price of fuel at the pump. In the US the price of gas has fallen way off the peaks it was at last year and that's reflected in market segmentation trends.

Arguing that the price of gasoline in America ought to be much higher than it is now in order to encourage a move into smaller and more efficient vehicles is probably not what most people in the industry would support, especially with the economic situation as it is.

But he is raising a very valid point for discussion and, especially as it is coming from him, it will hopefully spark some discussion. Just because there is a recession on, does that mean that climate change and CO2 can/should go on the back-burner?

US: Bill Ford wants higher taxes on gas


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