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Dave Leggett | 4 February 2005

My formal working week is coming to an end (though, as usual, I have a little reading for the weekend). But Friday afternoon syndrome is kicking in. Beer o'clock is approaching rapidly. I've been tidying a few things up over the last few hours and having a little fun too. I've acquired a headset for my PC and I've been acquainting myself with Internet telephony, courtesy of Skype. The service seems to work rather well, I must say. I wonder how the telecom companies will react as more people go for Skype? And what's Skype's business model? Get people to sign up for free and then, when they're good and hooked to the service, roll out charges?

If you've got 'Friday afternoon syndrome', click the below link for a few idle and slightly naughty laughs ( I tried to get that guy to write for us once, but that's another story)...

Anyway, whatever you're up to, I wish you a good weekend.


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