Blog: Dave LeggettHarris Tweed or Hugo Boss?

Dave Leggett | 14 August 2006

We have published  a piece today from Mark Bursa who is chewing the Jaguar fat along, it seems, with just about everyone else right now. It follows a lengthy conversation I had with him on the phone on the subject recently. He reckons a Russian moneybags will go for it and the reasoning makes sense. Don't rule out Hyundai though.  

But I particularly enjoyed his take on Jaguar falling down because the concept of 'British luxury' - in terms of its traditional image and Jaguar competing with BMW, Benz - just couldn't cut it, contrasting with 'German luxury' and it's modern, high-tech feel. Backs up what I was recently saying about the problems with the X-type. Or as Mark neatly sums it up: Harris Tweed or Hugo Boss?

Incidentally, if you click into the image gallery (top right of the article) I've put a selection of print ad pages that I came across on Jag's press site in there. That XK120 drophead was a real peach of a design - and quick with it.

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