Blog: Dave LeggettHappy New Year!

Dave Leggett | 4 January 2016

Let me begin 2016 by wishing everyone reading this a very Happy New Year! If you had a festive break, I hope it was a good one. It seemed to pass rather quickly for me, as ever.

The early part of January is pretty busy for the automotive business. There's CES at Las Vegas this week and that's become a much more important event in the automotive calendar in recent years as the consumer tech and automotive worlds overlap in the area of connectivity. I'm sure there will be some surprises this week. We'll be there with updates and insights and there is a handy preview published on just-auto today.

Next week it's Detroit NAIAS. The US auto market and business has been an upbeat story for a while now and I expect the mood to be pretty positive. I'll be attending, so I am looking forward to that. WIth a bit of luck there will be a hint of cold and crisp weather, which would make a very nice change from the relentless rain we seem to have had here in the UK so far this winter. Here's our current list of NAIAS show debuts.


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