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Dave Leggett | 31 December 2007

If you are reading this, I wish you all the best for 2008 and hope you have enjoyed the traditional end of year break, assuming you get one. I've found myself today taking a long sojourn around the web, partly to see if anything is going on in the real world, rather than the slightly surreal festive one I have been inhabiting for the last week or so.

Turns out it's rather quiet out there (to be clear, I'm talking automotive - I am aware of turbulent events in Pakistan and Kenya, for example, and that actor Leslie Phillips got a highly deserved New Year honour).

The lull in news is no surprise. Much of the industry gets an end-year break. Anything important to be announced gets announced after the break (unless the news source wants minimised impact).

Did see this interesting review (below link) of the Saturn Astra in Motor Trend though. It cuts to the quick. This particular European product for the USA is apparently fine and dandy bar one thing: lack of straight line grunt. 

One thought for any fellow media scribes reading this: many of our colleagues really are in the front line. People like BBC journalist Alan Johnston who just quietly get on with the job and behave with humility and immense respect for the people and areas they report on - with little concern for their own safety - are truly inspiring. Was it foolish to stay put reporting in a place like Gaza given the risks to personal safety? But that's the point. He was well aware of the risks and ran them in pursuit of the story. That takes guts and is frankly in a different league from writing about the car industry or being pampered by car companies on car launches (amazing how some motoring journalist colleagues still find things to complain about...) .

No, I don't expect Mr Johnston will wash up on a TV show like Big Brother (well done  to a certain Ricky Gervais on the Xmas special Extras - a serious point about the Reality TV phenomenon was well made in amongst the hilarity and cringe). Alan Johnston's safe release from a horrendous kidnap ordeal  - a rare happy ending in such things - was a true highlight of last year.

Anyway, once again, Happy New Year!

Saturn Astra review


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